Boy Scouts of America - Troop 534 "Hey!" - Chicago, IL, USA

Scouts Pilot OpenROV Underwater Robot

Members of Troop 534 with OpenROV Members of Boy Scout Troop 534 took an OpenROV underwater robot for a spin in Lake Michigan on Saturday morning. The weather was cold (in the 40s in September) but the OpenROV held its own in the choppy lake water.

Scouts prep for OpenROV launch. Umbrella helps reduce screen glare.

Scouts pilot OpenROV.

What the Group Learned

Science is all about learning from experiments, whether the experiments are successful or not. Here are a few things learned during today’s water venture:

  • The OpenROV thrusters can handle themselves very well, even in choppy water.
  • You never know how the lake might behave. Dress warm and wear waterproof boots.
  • If the lake is choppy on the surface, the water is probably kicking up silt down below. Underwater visibility might be limited.

Next Time

The scouts are planning another tour, perhaps in a calmer body of water. Stay tuned for more updates about Boy Scout Troop 534 and OpenROV!